Current Openings

Job Location:                     New York, NY

Job Title:                            Financial Analyst

Job Description:               Review multiple sources of data to evaluate and analyze investment opportunities and report to investors.  Study economic and business trends, e.g., trends affecting multi-family real estate investments in the South East.  Research how new regulations, policies, political situations, and economic trends may affect current and future investments.  Evaluate current and historical financial data related to investments. Examine financial statements to determine property and/or project values. Prepare written reports and recommend individual or group property investments to investors. Produce materials for investor review and use such as quarterly and annual reports, and monthly notices for multiple property investments in accordance with ILPA standards.  Conduct day-to-day communications with and handle inquiries from investors regarding investments; notify all investors of ongoing events that can impact their investments; manage relationships with investors.  Work closely with finance and asset management teams to stay updated and well informed on all investments and communicate qualifying events to investors in timely manner.  Produce materials for review by investors for fundraising including offering memoranda regarding current and prospective investment opportunities.  Through individual meetings, conference calls with groups, periodic reports, etc., explain investment decisions and strategies to investors, including types and changes in financing with reasoning, changes in an asset’s performance, exit-strategies, market strategies, etc.

Qualifications:                 BA in Journalism, plus 2 years of experience in Financial Analysis and Reporting or
BS in Finance plus one year of experience in Business Economic Reporting in the public realm